Wednesday, July 27, 2016
By Portraits of Blessings
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So as many of you know, I also shoot Real Estate. I hadn't found the time to take my architectural skills to the next level and I knew it was lacking. Last summer, I found out that a pretty awesome Real Estate Photographer was looking for an assistant. I reached out, and I got to meet Kimberly Miller from Walls Could Talk Photography. After a very long chat at Panera Bread, it turns out... she needed an assistant but she was also getting so busy, she was going to have to start turning away work! So she suggested that she start training me on her style and techniques while I also assisted her on shoots. I was terribly excited. Kimberly has been amazing to work with. She has a creative eye I would kill for, and patience like no other. I have learned so, so much, and my own Real Estate Photography has reached new levels I always wished for. I am so grateful to Kimberly for taking me under her wing. After six months of training, floods, snake encounters, and HOT three story beach houses, I officially became a photographer on the team in January. Our team consists of Kimberly as the first Photographer and Owner, myself as the second Photographer, Dwayne Miller our Drone Photographer, and Heather Poperszky our Editor. We are all pretty cool peeps I might add, we all instantly clicked. Maybe because we are all dog people, and we all know that dog people rock. :) Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there. I really appreciate these guys taking me in and showing me their badassery. I am forever in their debt. To many more years....